Admission procedure

Admission forms together with Prospectus are available at the school office and should be filled before submission. Selection of students is on merit, the decision of the management and school administration is final and cannot be challenged.
Note: ‘Prospectus’ and ‘Admission Form’ Charges are Rs 50/- only.

Submission of Admission Form

The documents to be attached with the Admission Form include:

Photocopy of Provisional Certificate and of Character Certificate from last institution attended
Original School Leaving Certificate from the previous school or college
Progress or Report card from last school
Attested photocopy of Birth Certificate or Form ‘B’
Copy of CNIC of the father/guardian of the child

The Following Fees are payable at the time of Admission:
a.  Admission Fee non-refundable
b.  Security Fee refundable
c.  Tuition Fee payable bimonthly

University of Cambridge CIE (Class O Levels)
Students shall pay for University of Cambridge CIE  Examination registration Fee and charges to Joan McDonald School, which is paid directly to the British Council Pakistan by the Joan McDonald School.

– JMS Tuition fee is normally increased by approximately 15% every two years. This figure relates roughly to our national inflation rate.
– Scholarships are available in JMS on merit in Pre O Level & onwards.


Admissions and eligibility policy




Admissions are taken from March to onwards in JMS
Registrations are open all throughout the academic year
Academic session begins in March each year
Each academic year consists of three terms
Annual exams are conducted in March
No Student is allowed admission without passing the Entry Test 


Discipline Philosophy
  1. Freedom does not exist without responsibility. The discipline program is intended to ensure that everyone at school shares in the responsibility of providing a sound academic environment within which to learn.
  2. Discipline is applied fairly and consistently, and is based on the severity of the infraction.
  3. The conduct of Joan McDonald students on and off campus should reflect standards of citizenship desired by members of the community. Respect for the laws and customs of the people of Pakistan is fundamental and therefore expected. The ultimate goals for students are self-discipline and responsibility for one’s actions.
  4. All school personnel have responsibilities to maintain control and ensure proper conduct of students while under the supervision of the school.
Rules of Discipline
  • All pupils are to wear the school uniform.

  • Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence for more than a week, habitual idleness, disobedience or objectionable behaviour justify prompt dismissal. Pupils are responsible to the school dismissal. Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct both within and outside the school.

  • No child who is late for school will be permitted to attend. The gates are closed at the time specified for the school’s opening.

  • Personal cleanliness and hygiene are greatly recommended to all.

  • Everyone should be particularly careful not to throw paper etc. in the school premises.

  • The school does not accept responsibility for the loss of money, books, clothes, etc.

  • Parents are requested not to allow children to bring valuable articles or jewellery etc. to school as the management cannot be responsible for the same.

  • Fines may be imposed by the Principal for faults against regularity or discipline.

  • Any kind of damage done in the school premises by a student is to be made good by the parents. Joan McDonald needs the assistance of its students to ensure that the campus is properly maintained. Taking care of school property is one way of being a good citizen. Destruction or careless use of school property will not be tolerated. Students who do so will be subject to immediate school discipline and/ or dismissal.

  • The school prohibits the use of electronic games, radios and tape decks on its premises. Students may also not bring with them or use mobile telephones.

  • Joan McDonald School regards acts of academic dishonesty (such as plagiarism, stealing test-papers, copying themes, tests or homework answers from other students or using “cheat notes”) as very serious offenses. Students who commit an act of academic dishonesty will, upon recommendation of the teacher and approval of the administration, receive a grade of zero for the assignment. Repeated offences will lead to expulsion. 


  • Detaining Pupils after School

  • Pupils shall not be detained after school except in emergencies or unless prior notice has been given to the parents.

  • Corporal Punishment

  • Corporal punishment shall not be used as disciplinary action.